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The World’s FIRST & ONLY 100% Compliant Tool to Solve the Auto-Play Apocalypse and BOOST YOUR VIEWS from Existing Videos to Bring You Leads & Sales In 3 Simple Steps!


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Main Problems Solved by Playboost

#1 - Auto-Play is Disabled Across All Major Browsers

The obvious BIG problem here is that views have decreased dramatically and all the hard work behind the scenes of getting a video created and then marketed has gone to waste.

Playboost solves this issue by allowing you to create captivating animated thumbnails for your videos placed on your websites, landing pages, ecom stores or any other web page. You simply need to create your campaign inside of Playboost and place one line of code. Playboost will automatically detect your existing video and ‘blanket’ your brand new animated thumbnail over your existing video (…no editing/re-uploading/replacing embed codes)!

This helps capture the attention of visitors, calls them to action to ‘click play’ and creates a great experience for your brand. 

#2 - Videos Appear Like Still Images and Are Scrolled Past (Still Thumbnails)

The autoplay apocalypse causes videos to appear like images on a web page (especially when visitors are blindly scrolling as most do). This means less views for you. 

A Playboost animated thumbnail acts as an ‘engagement hack’ by allowing you to add any elements you choose (images, GIFs, text, emojis, custom play buttons and more) and on top of that you can animate those elements for an enhanced effect. 

#3- “Click to Play” Call-to-Actions Require Custom Design and Development 

The only way you would be able to increase your views with an animated experience like Playboost provides would be to hire a designer and developer to collaborate on the creative design and implementation of a custom script. Alternatively, you’d need to upload your video to a premium expensive video hosting company and even then, you’re limited by a simple “click to unmute” call to action in the top right corner. 

Playboost allows you to rather drag & drop your way to an animated experience and install it without replacing any existing code on your website (…using playboost’s simple video auto-detection). 

#4 - Workaround Scripts Get Penalized

You might see auto-play workaround scripts floating around and think they’re a real solution however these scripts can get their domains penalized.

Playboost on the other hand provides a browser and search engine friendly experience to solving the auto-play apocalypse issue.






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Playboost Pro ($67)

  • Text-to-Speech Technology
  • A/B Split-Testing
  • 20 Premium Done-for-You Templates
  • Extra Premium Animations, Overlays, Fonts, Play Button Templates
  • Pro Analytics

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